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Our Mission

It's always about you. Simply put,
our mission is devoted to giving
our customers and vendors the
best shopping and selling
experience possible.

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Copyright © Stardust & Co

Copyright Stardust & Co 

About Us

My story began as a vendor at one of the local antique malls in Sacramento. I loved the thrill of searching for treasures and staging my spaces. My shared passion with customers and vendors drove me to think bigger. I wanted to do more; more for the customers and more for the vendors. After much thought, discussion, dreaming and planning, I decided to open my own unique business and the seed that would become Stardust Vintage Emporium was planted.

We strive to be a destination, not just a store. Hosting events like vintage car and camper shows, parking lot events, exhibitions, cosplay and film productions. We marketing to multiple types of customers; the eco-conscious, millennials, the vintage collectors, interior designers, film and theater productions and more.

Stardust is located in a 13,000 plus square foot building in Sacramento near Rancho Cordova, directly across highway 50 from the last remaining drive-in theater in the county. The design is nostalgic yet unique to delight our customers and inspire our vendors. We will be adding and changing the look so that your vintage shopping experience is always exciting and new every visit.

                        Karen Chance