Patricia Alvarado / Viva La Vintage

 Let’s celebrate and cheer, Viva La Vintage is here!

I am Patricia, a collector turned vendor & owner of Viva La vintage. As a product of the Mid-Century myself, I have always admired vintage items and enjoyed collecting small amounts of eye-catching, unique pieces that reminded me of my childhood. In recent years, that same admiration grew into determination and I began to frequent garage sales more often, which led to buying more pieces, especially colored glass and artwork hidden under years of dust. 

It was around this time that I had a revelation: Showcasing and sharing these vintage collectables from the past that were made to last, to give others the same joy that comes with owning a vintage piece, is what I was meant to do. 

Among my colleagues, I’m known as the mom who’s son gifted her a Mother’s Day outing to Stardust Vintage Emporium, because he thought it was a museum of vintage collectables. Little did my son know that what he was actually giving me was an opportunity to pursue my passion and learn alongside other talented & like-minded individuals. And so, Viva La Vintage was born!

Thank you Karen & the Stardust team for being so welcoming and helpful.

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