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9580 Micron Ave

Why Shop at Stardust Vintage Emporium?

​​     Sacramento's Newest Antique Mall for Vintage and Collectibles from the last century

Awesome collection of vintage furniture, toys, clothing and rare collectibles. You could easily spend an hour browsing everything! Everything I saw reminded me of my childhood or my grandparents' house.

Stephanie Castillon


Did you miss this photo of Buster? Maybe you'll see him next time you pop in! PS... Yes, we're dog friendly!



Sacramento, CA 

I came in to kill some time not expecting much and found myself in the coolest shop I’ve ever seen. Tons of great antiques, shop is well-maintained, and the staff is so friendly and helpful. There’s even a 20-person theater inside for movie screenings and private events!  Ben Yee

It is a showcase of a time capsule! Walking around everything is neatly displayed, yet you can get lost in your own nostalgic time, sharing bits of your own history of what you once had, when you had it at one point. There is a movie theater that can be rented for events. The smell of fresh popped popcorn throughout. Plenty of parking. All of the employees are friendly.


You're supporting a female & family run small business, while supporting over 75 local vintage vendors! By shopping our store for vintage clothing, mid-century furniture, vintage collectibles and vintage vinyl as well as sharing photos, videos, recommendations and comments on social media.


Shopping vintage clothing and other items in our Sacramento / Rancho Cordova store reduces waste because it keeps vintage treasures out of landfills, reduces carbon and chemical pollution caused by clothing production, and lowers water consumption as a whole.

This is a small but mighty antique store. The overall feel is mid-century modern. It’s beautiful, clean and not as crowded as many antique stores I’ve been to. The staff is friendly and always happy to help. And the best part… they have a hidden mini theater in the store!  Jennifer Brown